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Weber c.1899 {{PD-Art}}

The 19th

11:30 PM PDT the Taurus Moon squares Vesta, requiring we measure our feelings against those things we hold sacred; if we’re not respecting what’s most important to us, we’ll be made aware of it now.

The 20th

10 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes the North Node; we are either re-vamping our plans or berating ourselves for not making a better effort. Remember, a willingness to adjust our current position is the key to using, rather than bemoaning, a quincunx. At the same time, the Moon makes a square to still-retrograde Merc. This will probably cause us to second-guess ourselves, and we may wonder, are our feelings right, or are our thoughts correct, in reading the current situation? The answer is: neither, with the best approach one that lets go of any need to define circumstances.

The 21st

4 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts Sedna, and we undergo a period when we’re emotionally unmoored; just let it happen. Be the rock and let the water of time flow over you–the feeling of just not knowing will pass.

Today also sees the formation of a Fist of God with a base of Mars/ h.Zeus and an apex of Neptune. The scenario is of the need to act on the almost primal desires of h.Zeus–and if we do, a stressful Neptunian situation is the result (and note that stressful is not negative, but rather denotes tension that could be negative or could be excitement). We could institute a dream, get lost in a delusion, connect to the Collective, or receive tremendous inspiration to the Higher Mind–IF we act on that ambition or desire impulse. The nature of the impulse determines the nature of the Neptunian response–it’s really that simple.

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