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'Children Playing in Autumn' Plinke pre-1915 {{PD-Art}}

In the newsletter I called today ‘The Big Day’ for November; between the aspects and the partial Solar eclipse, it just seems like it is! Here’s a little something on the Sabian for the New Moon in Sagittarius, at 10:08 PM PST at 2 Sagittarius 36:

The Sabian for this NM/Eclipse is ‘Two Men Playing Chess’ Though the influences are complex, and the potential ‘moves’ many, we must not lose sight of what this (and by ‘this,’ I mean ‘Life’) really is: a game. This symbol strongly implies that we should approach events at this juncture with a mentality that is playful and flexible enough to respond, not as if matters are of life and death, but as if they are a challenge to our adaptability, our agility, and our ability to process, discern, and choose, and all with the end of becoming ‘the winner’ (in our own game). There is also the thought that the two men can represent either two active, doing, animus stances within ourselves, so that the game is an internal one, where we hope to defeat internal obstacles, or that they represent ourselves vs an external challenge or opponent–but then, if the external is really just a reflection of the internal (no matter how it seems or feels) then it’s really the same problem, isn’t it? This suggests, then, that the NM hard aspect to Chiron illustrates exactly what may constitute our opponent–so look to the natal Chiron situation for clues as to what might arise as our dysfunction, and also as to the healing attitude we might adopt in order to reconcile the two players, after the game (after the NM period).

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