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Illustrating at least part of the spirit of Virgo 'The Harvesters' by Brueghel {{PD-art}}

No matter what you do or don’t celebrate, it’s the holiday season–there’s no way to avoid it. In the newsletter I shared a few tongue-in-cheek suggestions for how to survive this annual time of family, food, fights, fun, fruitcake, and all those other ‘f’ words, and I’ll be sharing a little advice for each sign, one at a time. Your Nemesis, listed at the end of the sign, suggests who might be out to sabotage or just give you a hard time, while your angel is the sign energy you can call on in others for assistance, and your personal elf or cherub is the sign energy that will cheer you up and work behind the scenes to make your holiday special. Watch for the rest of the signs during the coming weeks.

Virgo  You are so thorough, so attentive to detail, that trying to attain perfection just comes naturally–which is why people begin to respond so negatively when it comes to your 2,000th ‘suggestion’ for a better holiday. It’s not that your ideas aren’t good, it’s that once the party has started nobody much wants to fuss over whether everyone is using coasters and those charms to identify their glasses and are they wiping their feet before they come in it’s raining out and oh gosh let’s just make sure everyone takes their shoes off and maybe we ought to have a timer for the bathroom because Stu has been in their 5 and 1/2 minutes or maybe we should have a sign-up sheet . . . see where I’m going here? Micro-management does not a holiday atmosphere make. In order to protect yourself from the criticism you almost inevitably attract at some point this time of year, you might want to make a pact with yourself: before the party or gathering, obsess away; during the party or gathering, act like a Pisces 🙂  Your Nemesis this holiday season: Leo, Libra, or a real Pisces/ Your secret angel: Taurus/ Your own personal elf or cherub: Capricorn

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