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For the 30th:

By 10 AM PDT the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and both make a Cardinal Grand Cross with the Sun/ Earth axis. Some dark emotions, secrets, hidden matters, or things we’d rather not know come to the surface and nail us neatly to this config with a problem or two. How to resolve this, when everything seems so obvious and unsolvable? Time to come clean in this area–no two ways about it–this will allow an opening up with few repercussions–take the opportunity for a clean slate.

For the 31st:

By 2:30 PM PDT the Cancer Moon trines Mercury, both in Water, our Messenger sadly backward. This makes misunderstanding oh-so-easy, as we are prone to substitute our own emotional reactions for fact. It’s almost impossible to consciously navigate this–so use the intuition, if possible–feel the way through.

And for the 1st of April:

12:30 PM PDT the Leo Moon trines the North Node/ Juno conjunction. The emotions and intuitions are tuned in to our empowerment and our life direction, and though it may seem full steam ahead, we must consider that Merc is just on the verge of direction within days–and that our ideas about gaining personal power and making progress are probably good ones, but that we should hold back until Merc turns around to actually take a step forward.

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