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The gift of the New Moon in Taurus–okay, yeah, it might get a little weird! {{PD-Art}}

Here’s a little of what I had to say in the latest ECLIPSE Weekly about the New Moon in Taurus, occurring at 12:18 AM PDT of the 21st at 1 Taurus 35:

“The New Moon is a point of origin, and in Taurus we are focused on  the material, and on our security, and all that this implies: food, shelter, sex, and death may all figure in to this formula in countless guises. The aspects suggest that the NM will help us strike a bond with nature, that the NM’s light will birth our own most natural power position in the world, and that we will both act to make this felt and act to defend the revelations that come. We can create this in the form of a dream or ideal, if we can stay clear with the reality that already exists; too, with its position in Taurus, the NM will on its own create a new material power position for each of us, one that allows us to express the ‘I am’ in physical terms that manifest in a statement that quite literally has a material component.”

Your clue to the Sabian for this New Moon: 

And about this weekend:

For the 20th:

“The 20th sees the Moon hit Vesta and oppose Saturn, infusing the opposition with emotional or intuitive insight keyed to respecting the highest values. This can be very useful ; centering in Love and highest thought will show you where your reality needs to change to fit more closely to your ideals.”

New Moon on the 21st, then on the 22nd:

“On the 22nd Ceres perfects her quincunx to the North Node, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, and the Sun sextiles Neptune; these all carry on the theme of the New Moon concerning power, sudden revelation, and the ideals, but this time those ideals are not the sacred things in life, but the ones we dream of, and the creative power we command to make those dreams reality. Again, we’re seeing the idea of an extended impact of the New Moon, and further, we see that what happens is once again a combination of external events and our creative actions and responses to them.”

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