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Merc into Aries allows us to apply our considerable Will to fulfillment of all those dreams. 'Daydream' by Helleu 1901 {{PD-Art}}

I’ve seen a lot of individuals pushing forward with their Will in these last days of Mercury in Pisces; thought-want plus an orientation toward dream, ideal, or fantasy fulfillment has made some demand satisfaction from others, probably out of a feeling that the Collective is one big pool in which we all swim (it is, but that doesn’t mean others are obligated to do one’s bidding!) The mistake is in assuming that connectedness in the Big Picture sense means the Universe must fulfill the fantasy picture held in the mind; the agreed-upon reality is a Collective manifestation, and so what we want from it must conform to what everyone has agreed upon, not just on one person’s Will. But, when Merc moves back into Aries (3:42 PM PDT today, the 16th), what we’ll see is a shift in the individual: the mind turns toward commanding the Will, and it becomes, rather than dependent on the Collective to manifest want, keyed to Self-responsibility and the Willingness to do for the Self.

Is this superior to the Mercury in Pisces approach? No, but it’s probably more effective in leading us in the direction we want to go. In our Self-orientation, too many jump from ‘I want’ to ‘and the Collective must make it happen for me!’; some miss the necessary step of developing skills, Self-confidence, and a Self-responsible approach that makes dream fulfillment possible. Mercury in Aries aligns the mind with the Will, and puts all our brain processing-powers to work fulfilling those wants. It’s more effective than dreaming that the world should conform to our mental imaginings–the trap this time is rationalization of the wants, as the mind computes the many reasons why we should just go take what we desire. Oh Mercury, can’t you sit still long enough for us to choose a viewpoint and run with it?

While Mercury is reviewing those degrees he traveled first direct, then retrograde, the effect may be that the mind is haunted by vague thought-forms that are lingering from what was–everything that was left only partially processed or realized may recur, but in such a way that we become anxious, pre-occupied by what we think we should be pondering, finalizing, or thinking through. We can be left uneasy with no real reason until Merc reaches his retrograde degree and passes the point at which he reversed; this occurs on the 22nd of April. Once we hit 6 Aries 49 we are free and clear of the shadow, and the mind can make the push for Self-satisfaction unfettered by unsettling wisps of memory and unfocused regret.

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