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‘Winter Illumination at Nabana-No-Sato’ source panoramio author cyber0515 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Did you feel it? The answer is probably yes and no–this eclipse is both particularly stimulating and elusive to conscious perception–and so we enter this eclipse period (active through to the next eclipse set, in six months) both excited (in a way I would almost describe as occurring at the molecular level!) and harboring a distinct sense of mystery about what’s to come (and what’s happening right now), a near-mystic state wherein each of us mentally and perceptually rests somewhere on a continuum between unconscious and confused all the way to centered and enlightened. This enlightenment is of a very specific kind, a knowing that does not involve words or concepts, but that is more of an emotional feeling and sensory feeling experience. It surrounds us, it is us, it envelopes us, and our ability to be at peace with this, a kind of inspiration (almost literally in the ancient sense of ‘to breathe in’) that is like standing deep in the Cosmic flow. Our comfort with this atmosphere is what’s in question over the next half-year, and we will need to ask ourselves, what will we do with this, what will we make of it?

What we see in the present, though, at least in terms of what it suggests about our future, is in one way or another misleading; this we must grapple with on our own. Some advice from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

With the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis energized at this time, it becomes especially important to sort what’s ‘real’ from the mass of information and possibilities included in what we think, what we’re told, what we believe, what Faith tells us is so, and what we learn or experience from our naturally limited, first-person viewpoint. This eclipse brings that challenge into focus, and requires only that we know who we are, in order to handle what comes successfully. To see ourselves as a Warrior for our own Will (which usually causes us so much trouble!) is precisely what is needed in order to remember who we are in the face of projections about where we’re headed that are misleading, that we misunderstand or misinterpret, or that we don’t experience at all (not seeing the shadow of the Lunar Sabian image).

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