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‘Dancers in Pink and Green’ Degas {{PD-Art}}

If you felt Neptune’s retrograde at all, it was probably something of a heavy thump, the gentle placement of leaden boots onto your feet, the pulling down of a woolly, brain-stifling cap over your head, the settling of a thick blanket over you that traps humidity and causes a vague, unreachable itch, or, for a few, feeling like the heart is a huge thing, turning over with a thud just under the breastbone. It’s more likely to arrive in a feeling of foreboding or nameless weight that sneaks in during the daily routine than it is to make for the kind of distinct effect other energies do: ‘before Neptune’s retro’ and ‘after Neptune’s retro’ are not so easily or clearly defined. This behemoth turned around at 3 Pisces 09, with the most immediate shift felt via natal placements that he is either squatting on or aspecting by hard angle; you might also feel an alteration in the trade winds buffeting the House in the natal chart with Pisces on the cusp, or perhaps the settling in of something dense and obscuring related to those matters. But in those instances of conjunction or aspect of Neptune to the natal, you will likely sense or be presented with a change in the creative flow, imaginative abilities, to the fantasy life, or to the ‘tune’ you normally dance to in this life area. Changes are not necessarily negative, especially if you have Neptune retro natally–then you might feel ‘back in the swim’ in a way you haven’t lately–but even if you are suddenly more comfortable with the flow of things, it can be disorienting (a Neptune specialty!) and even one who’s celebrating wants to avoid happily twirling through the fog and right off a cliff.

Today is Venus’ visible transit across the Sun, a startling phenomenon that will not be possible to observe from our vantage point here on Earth again until 2117. Don’t look directly at it–just as with an eclipse, you must protect your eyes from unkind consequences–and there are many places online to watch, should you be in a clouded area (as I am!) Astrologically, this is simply a Sun/ Venus conjunction–it’s the angle that makes it special, as it’s allowing us to see dainty Venus with the furnace of the Sun as a backdrop–but it is a meeting of retro Venus and Sun in Gemini, suggesting at the very least that the attention spotlight is on a re-consideration of relationships and/ or finances. Look for a denouement of sorts, in spite of the fact that the retro period isn’t yet over; expect some kind of ending, conclusion, wrap-up, or resolution that will probably surprise or enlighten in some important way.

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