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We really are all traveling in the same boat. ‘The Ferry’ by Fox 1910 {{PD-Art}}

On the 8th:

10 PM PDT the Moon trines Saturn and is sneaking up on a square to Sedna; we either rein ourselves in, or we come up against external stops or restrictions, and in either case, we don’t recognize the cause! This may be perfectly visible to others, so you might want to ask around 🙂

For the 9th:

Just before 6 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Neptune in his own sign; the tension of the past few days can be released in a huge burst of creative activity fueled by emotional release–or, the intuition can seriously mislead or delude, as can the emotions if they are not directed into a distinct creative outlet. Be ‘on purpose’ in what you choose, or have it chosen for you, with havoc or unintended consequences as a result.

And for the 10th:

On the 10th Juno and Ceres perfect their opposition, and Mercury squares Pallas–what an unfortunate combination of influences! Just at the time when we need to draw on our wisdom in communications and in relation to others who are in the same Self-interested boat as we, we find our minds are reacting and formulating contrary to wisdom and our own best interests.

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