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A delicate balance must be achieved when dealing with the contrasts of adjacent or quincunx sign energies. Vermeer c1663 ‘Woman With a Balance’ {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia Commons

In our quest to access all possible meanings inherent in each sign of the Zodiac, we shouldn’t overlook how the relationships among signs have an effect on meaning. Specifically, we can look at how each sign has a meaning that is a reaction to the one preceding it. This is an especially helpful point of view to have in at least three instances: 1) when we have a placement at 00 degrees of a sign, 2) when we have a placement at 29 degrees of a sign, and 3) when we are talking about the relationship between placements that sit in neighboring signs, or those in signs that are quincunx each other.

For example, Mercury at 00 Libra implies that the communication skills are at the beginning of a journey that will orient expression toward diplomacy, fairness, and balance. These are the impulses; they are in reaction to what came before, the experience of Virgo. The Mercury-centered lessons of Virgo are ones of discernment, critical assessment, and communication as service. We can see a Libra Mercury as a set of values and attitudes that spring from experiences of a Virgoan nature, especially from experiences of a negative Virgoan nature. The impulse toward diplomacy may spring from the one-sided nature of criticism, and from the desire to put the Virgo penchant for communication as service into a situation that acknowledges the rights and contributions of the other party, while the Libran desire for fairness may spring from the experience of receiving criticism.

What about when we have a placement at 29 degrees? This is a situation where we have experienced the gamut of manifestations available in the sign, and there is pressure for the individual to ‘finish up’ the lessons of that placement in that sign–this means that one is on the verge of embracing the values of the next sign in the sequence. For instance, what if one has Neptune in the 29th degree of Libra? Likely there is a sense of being very familiar with disillusion in love and delusion in relationship, even from a very young age. There will also be a strong understanding of spirituality in partnership, and the way in which imagination and fantasy can have both positive and negative influences in relationships will also be inherently understood. There may be a certain feeling of dissatisfaction in this knowledge, a feeling that there’s nothing anyone can tell them in this arena. There may be a mental ‘reaching toward’ the ideas of deep, intense communion with Neptunian energies, of the desire to ‘dig up dirt’ (Scorpio) rather than ‘smooth things over’ (Libra). One will be restless with Neptunian energies; of course, as with all planetary positions, the house placement will tell us much about how these experiences will manifest.

When we have placements that are semi-sextile, or quincunx, we have some idea that they have a relationship, and the aspect lets us know the (uneasy) nature of their alliance. But what about when we have placements in adjacent, or quincunx, signs, and they have no ‘formal’ relationship to each other? Then we can look at the way they fail to communicate, and why, by noting the natures of the signs. For example, let’s look at Mars in Gemini and Venus in Cancer–how do they see each other? Mars is likely to funnel assertive energies through communication (especially words/ talk), to exercise the ego energies through networking and social outlets; Venus is ahead of Mars in the Zodiac, and has brought values and relationship concerns into the Cancerian sphere. Venus says, ‘Relationships can’t be just talk, just flitting from occasion to occasion, they must be caring and nurturing,’ while Mars says, ‘My ego wants things light and social; why must relationships be so smothering?’ This means, generally, that Mars and Venus will always be slightly at odds in expression, symbolizing disparities in the personality and the successful manifestation of each of the involved energies.

Placements in signs that are quincunx each other suffer a similar awkwardness in relationship. For instance, Sun in Pisces and Pluto in Libra will never quite express ‘in sync’ with each other. The Sun will be embracing the Universe, accepting all, emphasizing the spirituality inherent in every Being, while Pluto watches from afar and cautions: relationships can be destructive! Negative urges do not support a Oneness of All! Be serious! Suspect everybody!

Noting the relationships between signs can add a little something extra to our understanding of our placements, and as well can help us understand why some energies express with more harmony to neighboring placements than do others. Briefly, Aries is the ego/ individuality rebelling from the All is One stance of Pisces; Taurus says, it’s not just about me, it’s about my things and environment; Gemini says, don’t be so wrapped up in the material, lets talk! while Cancer pleads, don’t be so frivolous, nurturing and love must be sincere; Leo says, good grief, let’s get back to the Star of the show; Virgo says, quit being such an ego-maniac, go help out, and fix everything; Libra puts the other before the Self, and the whole thing better be pretty! while Scorpio says, I can’t make nice any longer, let’s dig up the bodies! Sagittarius says, I can’t live in a cave anymore, let’s get out and explore; Capricorn insists one sit still and get serious; Aquarius wants no restraints whatsoever, unless the group says so, and Pisces says, you can’t be one in the group, you must be the group!

This article is a reprint that first appeared on my blog at Yahoo 360, and that was again re-issued about four years ago–but it’s a worthy subject that can stand another look! Have a great day! jd