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Bluhm pre-1912 {{PD-Art}}

Just a little something from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest; for the whole picture, click here

We have a 5:30 PM PDT square of the Aries Moon to Mercury in Cardinal signs. Uncomfortable emotions may push us to tell way too much about what we care about/ for (Merc in Cancer). Sharing our feelings isn’t a bad thing, but it does give far too much information to those who either don’t want it or who might be tempted to misuse it. The key is to share only with those who care for us–that way our loving concern and outright adoration can’t be used against us. Just before 7 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Venus, who is still retro. If we’ve shared too much, this could be the time when we realize we should’ve kept it to ourselves–everyone else may be shown the emotional drawbacks of already extant relationships or financial situations.

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