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Waterhouse 1916 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE (Get it Here!):

12:30 PM PDT the Aries Moon quincunxes Mars in Virgo; is it dry in here, or is it just me? So much naked assertive energy armed with facts and details and a hot breath of intuition makes getting in touch with emotions nearly impossible; either we think we’re ‘Feeling Whisperers’ but end up beating everyone with the broad side of our Arian sword (or maybe with a big heavy accounting ledger!) trying to get to the emotion, or we try to straightforwardly talk it out only to find actions and exchanges devolving into criticism spoken or acted out. This is best used as an opportunity to adjust our emotional need to assert, and to become more aware of the ways in which we may judge when the situation doesn’t really call for our opinion.

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