Girl Chopping Onions’ Gerrit Dou 1646 {{PD-Art}}

On the 1 AM direction of Saturn, from the latest ECLIPSE:

What we can expect, then, may be a re-harnessing, a return to ‘business as usual’, at least as this applies to Libran subjects in general (partnership and marriage, relationships, diplomacy, Art, the law, etc.) and to those subjects of the House(s) in your natal chart with Libra on the cusp. There is also the matter of how it takes two full days plus, after the direction of Saturn, for the ruler of Libra, Venus, to go direct herself. This hints that repercussions in both finances and relationships may come clear over some time, in the peeling of thick Saturnian layers of reality; like an onion, we may think we’ve reached the ‘real’ circumstances of Libran and Venusian matters, only to find another layer that needs removing!

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