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‘The Peaks of Europe’ Carlos de Haes 1876 {{PD-Art]]

The 22nd of June kicks off our weekend (or wraps up our work week, or however you want to look at it!) with some complex and unavoidable questions of power, empowerment, authority, and control; who really holds it within a relationship will come into stark relief, and only a sense of the worth of the relationship itself, and/ or a sense of generosity or wisdom, will keep us out of a tangle. Pallas sesquiquadrate Juno invites us to question the wisdom of those ‘in charge’, while Vesta opposed Juno may stoke the fires of ‘my values are better than your values, what I care about and am committed to is superior to your petty status and influence concerns’–not an ally-winning statement, whether it’s spoken or just seeps out of one’s pores. But, our saving grace is Venus, still retro but reluctant to be, moving so very slowly, sextiling Pallas, and perhaps showing us in a slightly backhanded but no less charming way what’s really the smart approach here.

And there’s more!

The 23rd will be a busy day, a tense one, and may result in major change. Vesta perfects conjunction to Sedna, essentially removing our Higher Values compass; the most likely result may be that suddenly we are either uncaring of those things we normally revere, or we are unable to pinpoint them. This can be disastrous.

So finally:

Moon enters Virgo at 4:43 AM PDT of the 24th. Right away there’s a square to Ceres; the emotions, in critical-accounting mode, are immediately challenged to stand up for themselves in the face of those who believe their territory extends under our own skin! So we start off in defensive mode–and maybe it’s better that way.

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