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Ludwig 1901 {{PD-Art}}

All material shown here is from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest. For the 29th:

If we can get the values, relationships, or finances (pick one–at least one is on each of our minds with the recent direction of Venus) into harmony with the impulse to uniqueness or joining a group (and this impulse is a smart one, at this point) then we will reach a mini-peak of emotional fulfillment (and probably really juice up the intuition). Big opportunities today, no matter what.

On the 30th:

9:30 PM PDT  the Moon opposes the Jupiter-South Node combo, which of course means the Lunar orb is conjunct the North Node. We may see a situation where the social sphere leads us in a backward direction, but if we’ll follow our emotional or intuitive prompts we will actually make progress. Trust yourself.


July 1st dawns with a heavy fog of confusion or discontent; Neptune squares Ceres and Venus sesquiquadrates Saturn, and none of us are immune to a feeling that our own authority is undermined significantly, and that this is perhaps affecting our creativity and our ability to relate. It feels like the reality that surrounds us is exceptionally costly, one way or another. Retreat feels like our only option, but we might do better to use our imaginative powers to experience what it might be like to be one of those people who is pushing, grabbing, or demanding. We may see that most of what’s happening right now is generated by fear, and specifically by fear that there isn’t ‘enough’; know that there is, and try not to condemn others for being victims of their own unconscious natures.

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