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The Capricorn Full Moon: A Litmus Test of Our Ambitions

The Capricorn Full Moon drops into our laps at 11:51 AM PDT of the 3rd of July at 12 Capricorn 13, and oh, following our rule of 2 (and sometimes 3) degree orbs only, we find a single, striking aspect: the Sun-Moon-Earth axis makes a Cardinal T-square with asteroid Zeus–and that’s it.

The Sabian for the Moon-Earth is, ‘A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence’

What we are faced with at the Capricorn Full Moon is a culmination concerning fulfilling our ambitions or desires; the Full Moon shows us either the dilemma we will face if they are granted, or the internal conflict in which we will be embroiled if we do not see them succeed. We are the Fire Worshipper of the image, superstitiously believing that action (Fire) is all that’s required–but we are left pondering the true complexity of things in the results that manifest. Getting our ambitions fulfilled causes us to think about how the Universe works, and what is the point of existence, as does not getting our desires met. Either way, we may be faced with wondering what it’s all for–which should make us question the importance of those ambitions, after all.

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