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Makes the spiritual look almost romantic, doesn’t it? Don’t be confused–fertile influences are everywhere this week! Molteni 1838 /image by Artgate Fondazione Cariplo distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported via Wikimedia Commons

First, just a little something about your upcoming week, from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

I’d like to offer an unusual warning concerning the week ahead: if you’re looking to conceive a child, the time is ripe; if you do not want a child, make sure you take extra precautions, as the Universe is just a poppin’ with fertile energy of all kinds. If you’re in creative endeavors, this is also an excellent time for you–seminal work could be generated at this point, as can a wealth of inspirations that you may spend years after exploiting through your creative work. Even a late garden can flourish in the lee of the Full Moon, so honor all that grows–it will pay off tremendously.

Now, you can’t say I didn’t tell you what’s up! For Saturday we have this:

Vesta enters 29 degrees and we may feel a great deal of pressure around the things we dedicate our lives to, or around home or mate. A sorting out needs to happen, a re-evaluation, so that we are not putting our energy toward, or showing reverence for, outmoded ideas. The Moon’s contact to Neptune assists us with this, and allows us to be truly inspired in re-ordering our priorities.

And for Sunday, the 8th of July:

On the 8th of July Mars quincunxes Neptune, adding fuel and energy to the imagination/ creative fire, but part of what we’ll have to deal with is the need to modify our actions in order to see our vision realized. Don’t balk at having to make a few changes–you’re too close to quit now.

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And Subscribers, among various typos in this week’s ECLIPSE, the one on the “sh*t down” of Arafat’s kidneys might take the grammar police cake! My apologies for a truly unsavory mistake.