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‘The Swing’ Weguelin 1893 {{PD-Art}}

July 31st brings us Venus trine Saturn; we can take what we gained from yesterday and make it permanent, make it real. Don’t hesitate–you deserve this.

1:30 AM PDT the Moon squares Mars; we are angry at our own assertiveness, aggression, or purely at our needs. That’s not reasonable; show your Mars some love.

1:30 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Juno, unexpectedly empowering us through emotions; by 3 PM PDT the Moon trines Sedna, and we forget the beauty of the emotional support of our own empowerment–in fact, we feel nothing at all but pressure (Moon square Saturn). By 5 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Venus, and we realize our recent ups and downs have taken a toll. At this point, kindness to ourselves and others is a must.

Void begins at 5:25 PM PDT; the Moon enters Aquarius at 2:56 AM PDT August 1st.

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