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We can’t be so distracted by loss that we forget the living. ‘La Toussaint’ Friant 1888 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

We note that Pallas is still within conjunction to Uranus, imbuing the urge to rebellion, individuality, to group membership, and to originality with native wisdom that is difficult to beat. The gift Pallas offers is wisdom based in common sense and attained skills that we can also call maturity; added to Uranus, this makes for a powerfully useful and astute combination that spurs truly practical innovation and inventiveness. So we’re already on track with that (and have been for some time); with Pluto’s direction, whatever may not have been evident development-wise in this regard comes forward and is easily accessed–and we should expect another result, as well: we will begin to see what’s ‘dead’, what must go–and the positive part is, there will be no regret, just a chance for renewal of purpose, and especially of those things we take (Pluto-deadly) seriously.

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