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‘A Mad Tea Party’ One of a series of brilliant illustrations Arthur Rackham 1907 {{PD}}

The 21st of September is a rough day for successful communication: Mercury sesquiquadrates Sedna, suggesting that much of what’s communicated is done without any awareness of what’s truly shared, and the Sun-Earth axis creates a T-square with Ceres, making for an ongoing atmosphere of tension between those who believe they should hold power and command, and the material reality, ‘what is’.

On the 22nd:

Void begins at 11:07 AM PDT; the Moon enters Capricorn at 12:21 PM PDT.

Immediately the Moon creates a T-square with the Sun-Earth axis and sextiles Neptune. We could feel put on the spot, facing a bit of a crisis, and creativity, imagination, or some careful dissembling (not lying, exactly, more like diplomatically avoiding the hard-line Capricorn reality) may be the way out. Keep in mind that just because someone applies pressure, it doesn’t mean we are under some kind of obligation to respond to it.

And the 23rd promises:

The Sun in Libra wants to co-operate, to shine a light on what may be deceptive, hidden in fog, mysterious, illusive, imaginative, creative, dreamlike–and Neptune will have none of it, pulling his Piscean curtain of fog and mirrors and video installations and shimmery, shiny things even tighter. This may feel like, hard as we try to see the facts, the ‘Truth’, or how to assemble the creative alternative, we may be left with little concrete or understandable to grasp. It all may feel a little ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

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