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‘Portrait of a Young Woman Reclining’ Klimt c1897 {{PD-Art}}

The Moon enters Pisces at 8:55 AM PST.

Bang! The Moon conjuncts Neptune. If we are at all prone to delusion, confusion, giddiness, or, as they used to say, ‘the vapors’, we will be on our way to a full-blown experience! Immersion in our own most characteristic Neptune expression is a given, but caution and consciousness are our best approach to this most dazzling of influences, just so that we don’t marry when drunk, drive when legally blind, or accidentally (or not) down an anti-freeze cocktail (I’ve got true stories about all of those, though they didn’t happen to me!)–as well, we can connect in an extraordinary way with our ideals, with our creativity, with the Collective, and with spirit–and if we let ourselves go completely into this, we will come out the other side with some valuable understanding, new imaginative horizons, and perhaps a newly-directed empathy.

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