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‘Boats by a Cliff’ Nordstrom 1911 {{PD-Art}}

November 19th we are suddenly faced with a good deal of pressure, and some really good advice–that we will likely as not disregard. Mars opposes Ceres, casting our action urge in a somewhat juvenile light; the temptation may be to act in some way just because Mom or the authorities wouldn’t like it, or we are determined not to respect Mother Nature, simply wanting our way somewhere she’d best be taken into account. We are done in by our own perversity, and the worst part may be that there is some perfectly lovely information, advice, logic, or reasoning at our feet–and we either don’t see it, don’t recognize it as useful, or dismiss it as wrong–gee thanks, Mercury retrograde! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to sort that gem from the dross that seems to flow everywhere–so we will just have to do our best and accept that our judgment is off, one way or another (Vesta square Pallas, Mercury trine Pallas, quincunx Vesta, opposed Sedna).

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