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Relax this weekend, Kittens!  'Kitten's Play' by Ronner-Knip c1870 {{PD-Art}}

Relax this weekend, Kittens! ‘Kitten’s Play’ by Ronner-Knip c1870 {{PD-Art}}

A little something for Friday the 30th, Pacific time:

2 PM PST the Cancer Moon squares Uranus, showing us some dissonance arising from our own too rebellious or individualistic nature or seated in a disagreement with the group. Instinct is pushing us in this direction, but higher reason (a Uranian specialty) should tell us that there can be too much of a good thing. Pull back and gain. 4 PM PST the Moon trines Chiron and Saturn, forming a Grand Water Trine. At this point emotional perceptions, reality, and skills combine and intuit a ‘better way to be’ in the world. A lovely time of balance and discrete adjustment.

Saturday, we welcome December:

Just after midnight Luna  opposes Pluto and then quincunxes the Sun. This may shine a light on a harsh reality, or could find us saying, “I would never!” First, never say never isn’t just for James Bond–we non-spies need to remember that disowning darkness or that which repels us invites that very thing into our lives. In this instance our reaction is an emotional one that is probably rooted in a slightly too sentimental view of the world (Cancer), and can be tamed by simply remembering that we are capable of (but choose not to perpetrate) darkness.

And for Sunday, the 2nd:

The Sun opposes Jupiter, and so the Earth conjuncts it. This marks the midpoint of Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, and may be felt as a turning point in Jupiter-related matters; what was withdrawn or exploded (including overblown expectations!) upon our favorite gas giant’s retrograde will re-awaken, we’ll receive an encouraging word, or we may see developments that point to an inevitable, if delayed, return to similar conditions that existed at the outset. Not usually a big effect, but one that can signal both changes and a change in attitude that can assist us, especially on the social front.

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