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Jean Dodal Tarot 'The Tower' {{PD}}

Jean Dodal Tarot ‘The Tower’ {{PD}}

Post 10 PM PST of the 5th the Cancer Moon squares Jupiter, giving us an impulse to pull back from expansion activities, probably out of fear. If transiting Jupiter is aspecting any major players in your chart, you need to assess the relationship–if it’s good (easy aspects like trines or sextiles, or in mutual reception with your natal Mercury, or reaching the Midheaven) then the fear may be a little thing I like to call the fear of SUCCESS. Although that’s really a misnomer (we tend to stay far away from what we truly fear) it is akin to the scary sensation of climbing a tower and looking down–we think about how we might fall, rather than that we’ve made it to the top–so you must decide if it’s just this misleading fear, or if it’s a genuine warning to take a step back.

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