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Collina (Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick) by Sir Joshua Reynolds 1779 {{PD-Art}}

Collina (Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick) by Sir Joshua Reynolds 1779 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE, available by subscription:

4 PM of the 8th, Pacific time, there’s a trine of the Libra Moon to the Earth-Vesta conjunction. The effect could be rash action, or choices that go against the emotional grain, that result in a solid, material embodiment of our highest values, or the dedication we have to home and mate. Interesting to inspect those results, as they will tell us what we’re really honoring.

The 9th of December we’re back to familiar upsets and clashes, some of which may arrive in new garb (and so not immediately be recognized as old hat). Mars quincunxes Vesta while Earth conjuncts her and the Sun opposes her; our actions and choices will need to be adjusted, if we’re to take what we consider sacred seriously; it will be obvious what needs to change materially, too, in order to comply with those highest, best values.

Void begins at 11:55 AM Pacific time; the Moon enters Scorpio at 1:51 PM PST on 9 December.

The Moon immediately trines Neptune, starting us off on the journey through Scorpio with a strong dose of intuition, creativity, and/ or easy delusion accepted without even realizing it. Attune to the emotions and feel the creative and spiritual flow.

On December 10th we tell it like it is, with Merc moving into Sagittarius very late in the day, Pacific time–disputes come from varying ideas of ‘Truth’, varying philosophies, or varying information or knowledge levels, and with Merc’s position in 29 degrees Scorpio through most of the day, secrets and hidden matters causing stress or exploded into the light could be the fuel for much communication upset–and a really unusual dynamic accompanies this: Venus opposes Sedna, semi-squares Pluto, and trines Pallas, making for some serious decision-making that may be preternaturally wise even as it’s unconscious, guided from the depths of our Being!

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