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Reichert 1883 {{PD-Art}}

Reichert 1883 {{PD-Art}}

December 29th Mercury squares Pallas, making for a grand case of ‘foot in mouth’ disease that will plague even the most innocent of utterances–shhh! The Sun quincunxes Jupiter, highlighting our gaffes and making social awkwardness inescapable. If you can work on your own today, you might really want to.

2:30 PM PST  the Cancer Moon quincunxes Mercury (like we need more proof there’s a problem!) and fills in, if we are okay with it, a Grand Trine with Pallas and the North Node. This suggests that out of all this mis- and disastrous communication comes some wise feeling and a plan for the future. Good!

Void begins 7:27 PM PST; the Moon enters Leo at 11:46 PM PST.

Remember, just convert times given to your time zone; in this case, for instance, the Void begins at 10:27 Eastern–same moment, different numbers.

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