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Though I can't be certain, this postcard is probably pre-WW I German--the lucky mushrooms give it away!

Though I can’t be certain, this postcard is probably pre-WW I German–the lucky mushrooms give it away!

December 31st brings some kind of energy pile-up, as if all the leftovers for the year are being served today! And this may be how it feels, that it is necessary to deal with many of these influences so that the new year can start with a clean slate–and this is a more accurate perception than we might be willing to credit. For instance, Mercury enters Capricorn and sextiles Neptune, giving us a kind of shiny, optimistic hope for the future that’s grounded in realism, and Earth is sesquiquadrate the North Node while the Sun is sesquiquadrate the South; major efforts today will be put into making a positive material path into the future, while our attention may linger on all that was wrong with ‘What Was’. A useful exercise if we don’t become mired in it.

1 January 2013 is quiet–no, really, it is–with only the Sun quincunx Vesta to ruffle the new year. We’ll probably review what’s really important to us, vow to honor it–the usual pledge–and of course this time we insist we mean it.

4 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Pallas, requiring us to adjust the emotional outlook to what’s smart; we might otherwise have been tempted by a need for attention (Leo Moon) to do something definitely unwise.

Void begins at 5:12 AM PST; the Moon enters Virgo at 9:35 AM Pacific time.

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Wishing All My Readers a Joyous, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! Love, jd