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Detail from 'Arnolfini Marriage Portrait' by Jan Van Eyck 1434 {{PD-Art}}

Detail from ‘Arnolfini Marriage Portrait’ by Jan Van Eyck 1434 {{PD-Art}}

1 PM PST of the 4th sees the Libra Moon trine Vesta, giving us a chance to re-align to our highest values through intuition or emotion. The Moon squares the Sun-Earth axis (6 PM Pacific) then conjuncts Zeus by 8. We may review our direction and the impact we’re having and vow to apply ourselves to fulfilling ambitions–at the very least, desire is stirred, especially in relationship.

January 5th  Mercurial issues are our ‘blind spot’ today, and this applies also to those things ruled by Mercury in the personal natal chart, including issues of the Houses the Messenger rules: all are potential minefields. Most troublesome may be the way our own or others’ ambitions and desires are highlighted (Sun-Earth axis square Zeus); this could make everything seem much more venal, Self-aggrandizing, or zealous than it actually is–we’d be wise to keep this in mind, both when assessing others and when presenting ourselves.

6 January  Communications (and thought processes) are a problem, and now they come with a warning label: ‘Highly Destructive’ (Mercury conjunct Pluto) UNLESS you keep intent firmly focused on the future as well as the reality situation–then this transit can act to create massive, highly positive changes akin to alchemy (Merc semi-square the North Node, sextile Saturn).

7 January Jupiter quincunx Juno perfects, and sets the stage for a major adjustment to be made, either internally, between our own animus and anima, or externally, likely in some power re-balancing where one side is active, Self-absorbed, and does not take into account the needs or feelings of the other, while the opposite number is passive yet angry and resentful, believing that the current position (or mere existence) requires others to offer a certain amount of deference. Today we must be willing to negotiate, to concede that others have rights, too, and to perhaps apply the theoretical idea of ‘walking a mile’ in the other’s shoes, in order to know whether what we want is really reasonable and fair to all concerned.

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