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'Tea and Cakes' Anker 1873 {{PD-Art}}

‘Tea and Cakes’ Anker 1873 {{PD-Art}}

25 January We reach out but relationships are difficult (or at least require some conciliation, before we can really commune) and if we are expecting material or monetary rewards conferred by the social scene they won’t be forthcoming right now (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)–BUT, and this is a really big one, we can gain an enormous amount of support and approval for the way we ‘shine’ , and that can result in significant rewards down the road (Sun trine Jupiter). This is the Sun’s pre-direction trine, and it offers a glimpse of what will be coming to us in the pay-off department with Jupiter’s direction and movement forward.

And from the Full Moon report for the 26th:

January Full Moon in Leo occurs at 8:38 PM PST of the 26th at 7 Leo 24: ‘Revolutionary Ideals’

We also look at the Sun’s Sabian to complete our Full Moon picture: ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures on Display’. This is, in a psychic sense, what the Full Moon symbol is opposed to–in some respect likely related to the House matters in the natal chart where the Full Moon falls, or across the axis where the Sun-Moon opposition falls; we are bringing about a revolution by activating this ideal, and it means a moving away from a static, though acceptable, even lovely, stance we held up to this point in time in a very public way. Some pose or stance previously ‘on display’ will be replaced by a true, inner ideal, which will find an active (‘living’) outlet in the life.

January 27th sees Venus trine the South Node; this may result in an unconscious, gentle vortex (is there such a thing?) involving the past and either relationships or finances (you’ll know which by whatever one has given you a hard-line, Capricorn smackdown somewhere in your life history). You may find yourself sucked into a less-than-productive (or accurate) musing on the whole issue, and possibly squander a present-day offering of love or money in the process.

January 28th Mercury trine Zeus, and Uranus conjunct Pallas: these tell us the mind will be tuned like a laser to our deepest desires and ambitions–and so will automatically make decisions that lead us in this direction. Uranus-Pallas fires up our own sense of surety and unites inner wisdom with originality, innovation, and the spark of creative improvisation, and can take us a long way, if we let it. This will be an amazing day, for those who are able to let themselves be themselves–not as easy as it sounds.

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