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'The Happy Family'  Le Nain Brothers 1642 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Happy Family’ Le Nain Brothers 1642 {{PD-Art}}

29 January brings the Sun and Vesta into complete harmony (by trine), but places the Earth quincunx Pluto. We may feel, on a spiritual, psychic, and even emotional level, that realization of our highest values, a wonderful home life, and an excellent mate relationship are in order, but hidden material obstacles keep getting in our way. The point here may be that to ride off into the sunset with a big, shiny order to perfect the life fails to take into account that perfection isn’t possible; it also disrespects certain of the darker, undeniable elements of life that Pluto relates to, such as sex and death. To color the life in only bright, sunny hues is to miss the depth and subtlety that come with more subdued tones, with a balance between light and dark, with shadow.

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