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Venus will have her way with us, because we care. 'Gilded Cage' by George Hare pre-1933 {{PD-Art}}

Venus will have her way with us, because we care. ‘Gilded Cage’ by George Hare pre-1933 {{PD-Art}}

A little something to launch your weekend, from the pages of the new ECLIPSE:

Mars enters Pisces and Venus enters Aquarius, while Mercury squares Sedna. The effect may be disorienting; suddenly the aggressive back off, the Self-involved adopt altruism, or the Self-possessed go after the dream–Venus and Mars are dancing beside each other (a semi-sextile) rather than together–a switch from the way they both seemed to have everyone and everything under an intellectual, judgmental microscope. Venus removes the leg irons that had us chained to the work table, only to replace them with dainty handcuffs that hold us in the classroom, the library, in thrall to the group, or force us into the revolution. We find our place in the action, either being in the avant garde, stirring up Molotov cocktails (kids, you know these are explosives, right?) or with the intellect firing on all cylinders (and possibly paying off handsomely). Action, as long as it’s fueled by a dream, a dreamy idealism, or the Collective (which, mind you, can be mindless!) will come with just a little effort–and could lead to confusion, if we don’t keep the values, relationships, and earning needs in sharp focus through the intellect. Communications are off the hook and totally unconscious in their content (no matter how consciously one applies one’s reasoning abilities or intelligence)–you have been warned.

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I love this poem, by Portia Nelson, featured on ‘All My Minds’, a site that acts as a thoughtful meditation on being, by Cheryl Lansker.