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'Dawn' by EH Smart 1907 {{PD-Art}}

‘Dawn’ by EH Smart 1907 {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE:

10 AM PST the Libra Moon trines Jupiter and opposes Pallas. We feel like we should do it, and do it big, but oh, how ill-advised that would be! (Stupid seemed a little harsh, but would be just as accurate!) Step back, talk all you want, but do let some time pass before committing to that “great idea”. At 11 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Chiron; we are doing a dance, trying to avoid stepping on already-hurt toes–we may find it exhausting. Disengage, just a bit. 4 PM PST the Moon trines Vesta, and by 5 squares Pluto. In honoring all that we see as sacred, we may be inadvertently destructive, inexplicably filled with rage, or devastatingly final in our interactions. We may crush what we otherwise cherish–please proceed with care. An 8 PM PST trine of Moon to Sun may raise spirits, and chase away the gloom.

New issue arrives tonight Pacific time, featuring the article ‘Neptune and the Spiritual Quest’ as well as the complete aspect and Lunar forecast–order now!