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'The Discussion' c1900 by Henry Wilson Watrous

‘The Discussion’ c1900 by Henry Wilson Watrous

Merc and Chiron meet in Pisces, trine Saturn, sextile Pluto, and square Jupiter, giving us a very specific framework through which to heal our wounds, if we so desire. It’s talk and dream therapy that deals with reality, that is willing to imagine obliterating the causes of our hurt, and that may not be acceptable on the social front. What plagues us may not be an acceptable topic socially: if we break out in hives every time Mom calls, if we call in sick more than we should because we feel we can’t face another power play, if we talk our creative life more than live it, now may be the time when we can turn things around. We may think it’s the exterior that’s the problem, and in strictest terms, it is; what we must do now, though, if we want to re-make our world and heal, is to stop caring about what the social circle will say about us, clean out what’s truly bothering us (and often as not, this is a wounding thought in our own imagination, as much as it is a person or circumstance external to us), and then build from our own ideals a new frame through which to view our reality.

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