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'The Third of May 1808' Francisco Goya 1814 {{PD-Art}}

‘The Third of May 1808’ Francisco Goya 1814 {{PD-Art}}

The 31st of March/ 1st of April sees the pre-retrograde square of the Sun to Pluto, illuminating the lord of the Underworld as he prepares to backtrack in Capricorn. This is the point when we get a glimpse into the shadows; the door swings open and just for a second we see the tooth as it’s pulled, the sobbing man, the child about to step into the street and in front of a car he can’t see, but you can. We get a look at something dark and usually hidden, or as with the child, we see a usually unnoticed action, as from most vantage points it seems harmless, the approaching car hidden by another car parked just so. Pay attention to what you glimpse; even though it can be shocking or disorienting or produce anxiety, it can also tell us something: the dentist is a sadist, avoid him; the man needs help; the child needs supervision. What we see may appear minor or disconnected from the larger picture or even none of our business–and yet the Universe has opened that door, just as you walked by and turned your head, and observed–now what will you do?