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'Equestrienne (at the cirque fernando)' by Toulouse-Lautrec 1888 {{PD-Art}}

‘Equestrienne (at the cirque fernando)’ by Toulouse-Lautrec 1888 {{PD-Art}}

Have you noticed it, too? Since the Earth came between the Moon and the Sun last week (and cast its shadow in eclipse–6 more weeks of winter? You betcha!) a single facet in each individual seems to have come forward for prominent expression. I think the area where the issue/ characteristic originates is that of the matters of the House in which the eclipse fell, and the facet is very targeted, as if the eclipse jarred loose something specific in each of us that then just had to spill out. This was something ’til now hidden from us, and likely from others, as suggested by the Scorpio placement of the event; if we are paying attention, we have learned something about everyone we’ve encountered in any significant way during this period, and probably something about ourselves, as well.

The planet ‘ruling’ the eclipse, Pluto, was closest in aspect, by square, to its long-time on again, off again partner, Uranus in Aries, at the time of the event. The planet of individuality, of uniqueness, of acting out and shows of independence seems to have drawn from the Underworld something we’ve been keeping in the dark, perhaps because it spoils our Self-image, perhaps because it challenges our typical modus operandi. The ‘I Am’ has cried out, and we’d better listen.

We may be tempted to brush what we’ve seen aside, terming it an anomaly, but we should do just the opposite: embrace it, either as knowledge (“Look what I found inside me!”) or as warning (“Where the hell did that come from?”) At this point it’s likely we feel whatever came forward has now passed; but to quote one of our greatest philosophers, Mr. George Carlin: “Just cuz you got the monkey off your back . . . doesn’t mean the circus has left town!” And so it is with what the eclipse brought forward: along with helping us see that something once seemingly impossible no longer is–we see the potentials–we have also learned about a single, salient characteristic within ourselves, and also within others important to us, that may be significant in driving current life direction or concerns.

Whether the characteristic itself was deemed positive or negative, there can be a positive, or at least productive, outcome from its exposure: we can take what we saw or learned seriously, and address whatever need or urge it expressed from deep within. The valley between eclipses (for it does seem to me to be a kind of valley, where the eclipse falls across the landscape, dominating with shadow) is the perfect time to meet the issue presented head-on, and to deal with it. To avoid it is to push the urge back underground–and though the monkey may seem to be off our back–you get the picture.

Here’s something wonderful.

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