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Time is kept in the bottle in the lower right hand corner, in this picture. 'Cupboard' by Antonio Perez de Aguilar {{PD-Art}}

Time is kept in the bottle in the lower right hand corner, in this picture. ‘Cupboard’ by Antonio Perez de Aguilar {{PD-Art}}

The Solar eclipse occurs 9 May 2013 at 5:28 PM PDT at 19 Taurus 31, and like the Aries New Moon that occurred the preceding month, it is closely contained, with all involved parties spanning less than 7 degrees (we have Mars 5 degrees 2 minutes behind the New Moon in Taurus, but even for an eclipse, that seems too wide a margin–however, I am counting Sedna, 3 degrees 55 minutes ahead of the eclipse–of course, with the Moon and Sun moving to later degrees, it only makes sense to give a little more orb leeway in the direction the lights are headed). Everything else is outside our 2-3 degree maximum margin. That means that the square Juno presents to Mars, the South Node, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Pallas will occur enough before the eclipse that we will see this conflict over empowerment, status, and authority as ‘setting the stage’ for the fresh starts of a NM, and the game-changers of an eclipse. The square suggests we’ll preface the eclipse with a clash that may disorient us, and certainly could take us into the suddenly withdrawn light of the eclipse wondering If we have the strength, authority, experience, or wisdom to pursue this particular path to empowerment.

The eclipse itself conjuncts the South Node, Mercury, Pallas, and Sedna, and makes no other aspects. The result may be a very concentrated energy ‘event’, though that event might extend over a period of hours, with repercussions or influence lasting through to the next Solar eclipse. If a New Moon is a beginning, and a Solar eclipse a point at which the two lights meet and the normally ‘submissive’ or subservient (by virtue of deriving its light from the Sun) Moon supersedes the Solar body temporarily, we may see the birth of something of which we are at first unaware, which may derive from matters on the fringe or from the unconscious. We are assured by the presence of Pallas that what is conceived at this time is guided by wisdom or practical considerations, and perhaps the knowledge we’ve gained in the past (SN)–but we are dealing with material commodities (Taurus) and the lady is a Warrior (Pallas)–so we should not expect a gentle birth. Sedna says we likely bring something up from the depths of which we are currently unconscious–but that won’t last long–and what we may end up with is a message or new ‘thought’ on assets, talents, or material matters that informs our efforts in a fresh direction.

With this Solar eclipse we will, in some form, be contacting depths we’re not entirely conscious of, that naturally arise from the past–so we’re opening that bottled time, so to speak, and letting out something that sends us in a new, Taurean-themed, direction. The above is from ECLIPSE; to see much more, including where to look in your own chart for personal results, the Sabian, and the larger, social impact, please subscribe!

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