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'Depths of the Woods' by Lillian Genth c1905 {{PD-Art}}

‘Depths of the Woods’ by Lillian Genth c1905 {{PD-Art}}

With the Sun conjunct Sedna today, we have only two options, really: either we delve deep within in a kind of psychic revery that lets us explore our deepest recesses, promising significant Self-discovery but that removes us from effective interaction, or we ‘blank out’ the inner life and work with reflective surfaces only, bright shiny things that catch our attention and keep us integrated with the world. Neither is a superior stance; some need that time for Self-reflection, while others, for one reason or another, are better suited to dealing with the business of the day, leaving the Soul-searching for another time. The world keeps turning, and things and people keep moving–we can’t all retreat for a contemplative bout at once. How do you know which you should engage in? You don’t need to know, it will come upon you. Some will straddle the two worlds, and connect them, and some will spend one part of the day ‘above ground’ and one part ‘below’–but by the time the Sun has moved on from Sedna we will have discovered something new, either within us, or in our interaction with the world, and that bit of knowledge will be important in informing future choice and reactions.