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Note carefully who's all bark, and who's got some bite today. 'Portrait of a Lady With a Dog' Lavinia Fontana pre-1614 {{PD-Art}}

Note carefully who’s all bark, and who’s got some bite today. ‘Portrait of a Lady With a Dog’ Lavinia Fontana pre-1614 {{PD-Art}}

15 May could bring out some amazing displays of power, ambition, and desire, or could simply be all talk, no bite behind it. How can we sort the posers from the players?  Look to the past, and compare accomplishments v. brags–that’ll quickly tell you who to keep your eye on, to bet on, or to co-operate with, and who to smile at and quietly ignore. (Perfecting today: Mercury enters Gemini, semi-square Ceres, sesquiquadrate hZeus, Ceres square hZeus)

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