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'Jetty at Low Tide aka the Walter Pier' Joseph DeCamp before 1923 {{PD-Art}}

‘Jetty at Low Tide aka the Walter Pier’ Joseph DeCamp before 1923 {{PD-Art}}

Bits from the current ECLIPSE:

Around 5 PM PDT of the 17th the Leo Moon moves into a unique position: she ends up filling in a Fist of God as she squares the Sun (apex Pluto) and the Earth (apex Uranus). This double fist suggests an excessive amount of action and/ or tension in play, with the emotions or intuition fueling identity issues the result in change, transformation, or destruction, and with emotions or intuition fueling reaction to material matters that creates radicalism, upset, revolution, or that spurs originality and ‘forward thinking’. It’s certainly a day when anything really can happen–be ready.

18 May we may find ourselves and others hedging bets; relationships sparkle with surprises and ‘fresh’ interaction, but carry depths of danger, rage, or a serious interest in creating change, while communication is deceptive, confusing, or centered on fantasies, and even the most direct and honest of us will land slightly askew of reality. Caution will come naturally to most of us as we sense the riptide beneath otherwise gentle social and emotional currents. Accept the positive while remaining aware that shocks, deception, and some scary depths could wait just around the corner. (Venus sextile Uranus, quincunx Pluto, Mercury square Neptune, quincunx Saturn)

A little bit of Lunar essence for Sunday the 19th, also from ECLIPSE:

3 AM PDT of the 19th the Moon opposes Chiron, either making us hard as steel (“Nothing can hurt me!”) or melding us so completely with our pain we feel we are one. In either case, our best course of action is to ask ourselves ‘why?’–why do we hurt from this? why do we continue to live this moment as if it’s still happening? why don’t we let it go? 9 AM PDT the Moon trines the South Node and quincunxes Juno. Something from the past may cause us to stumble in implementing our own empowerment; take a critical stance, don’t just accept memories as accurate or still valid. 6 PM PDT the Moon squares Jupiter and trines Mars, making us keen to act but perhaps rubbing the social circle the wrong way. We are likely to be critical of others in justifying our own actions, but we need to remember, no justification is required, though we do need to make choices we can live with later. 9:30 PM PDT the Moon trines Sedna, pulling us deep into contemplation or Self-reflection, or blanking us out in escape mode. Neither is more virtuous, though we should keep in mind that if we’ve been avoiding looking closely at ourselves, now really is the time, as something productive will come out of it.