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A very Neptunian idyll at the beach, by Rupert Bunny c1891, {{PD-Art}} in both the USA and country of origin, Australia

A very Neptunian idyll at the beach, by Rupert Bunny c1891, {{PD-Art}} in both the USA and country of origin, Australia

Neptune retrogrades at 1:25 AM Pacific time of the 7th; what can we expect? Neptune will have just risen on changing motion, hovering above the horizon, in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Venus, and square the Mars-Pallas conjunction. The Grand Trine is a Water one, and with the transiting Moon in Gemini and heading for conjunction with Mars-Pallas, the picture is one of emotional realization and (probably) manifestation of ideals, values, or the creative in relationships, or through earning capacity, either arising from previous or current intelligent action or choice, or prompting this in the immediate future. Whew! That’s a mouthful. What we’re likely to be looking at is a powerful and balanced situation of either realization through the feelings, or manifestations in the reality structure, of something related to our values or our creative activity, and we have either been smart about what we’ve done to get to this, or this will bring us to a smart future choice. This is likely to sneak up on us, coming across as a ‘given’, not really drawing much attention, and probably showing up via House matters where Neptune is now transiting, in the matters of the House Neptune rules in the natal chart, and/ or through anything transiting Neptune currently aspects in the natal chart. Satisfaction in some way is the likely outcome, though it may be tough getting there; initially we could react badly (or have rejected in the past) the very smart moves that are now presenting themselves as ‘the answer’–but it would be unwise to reject this out of some delusion of how things should be–in order to create what we want, we must acknowledge how things really are. Dreams, both the literal kind and those involving our goals, should be examined, because that’s where all the potentials have been showing up, of late. Use them as inspiration, as guidelines, and as a springboard to action.

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