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Trompe l'oeil by Gijsbrechts {{PD-Art}}

Trompe l’oeil by Gijsbrechts {{PD-Art}}

New Moon in Gemini is at 8:56:19 AM PDT at 18 Gemini 01

The New Moon trines Juno and widely sesquiquadrates Saturn, but makes no other significant aspects; this suggests the new beginning we see with a meeting of Moon and Sun is, at this time, fairly clear cut: the NM energy offers us personal empowerment in some significant way (probably in matters of the House where Juno now transits in the natal chart, or through the intellect, through venues of higher education, through invention and innovation, or through expression of originality–Juno in Aquarius) that requires adjustment of or modification to the reality in which we live–it’s that simple.

Rules or boundaries may need to change, and we may need to take more personal responsibility and show more personal authority, not relying on those who make the rules quite so much. In that way this NM fosters independence, and the freedom that comes from being both totally responsible for oneself, and being aware of this, and making decisions accordingly.

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