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'Birth of the Virgin' Jan de Beer 1561 {{PD-Art}}

‘Birth of the Virgin’ Jan de Beer 1561 {{PD-Art}}

The Capricorn Full Moon occurs at 4:31 AM Pacific time at 2 Capricorn 09 of the 23rd: ‘A Birth Is An End’

A Full Moon is a culmination, a gathering together of influences and experiences, a time to draw conclusions and for events to draw to a close, at least symbolically. It demarcates an accumulated result of what has come before–but this time, what we must notice is that all endings, all culminations, also represent new beginnings–and that reinforces the idea that, really, there is no ‘end’ or ‘beginning’, only points at which we are able to draw conclusions from the continuous stream of our experiences. This FM aspects Saturn and Neptune (by sextile), Ceres (by quincunx) and Jupiter (by opposition), and suggests that what concludes is an illusion within our reality, possibly of our own power, influence, or position within the social circle. This may be disappointing or enlivening, as we come to see we are not bound by the image or restrictions we thought we were; but we may miss the birth of the new, so busy are we looking back at what was, at what has ended.

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