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Be aware as you make your way--'The Path to Granollers' Ramon Marti i Alsina c1870 {{PD-Art}}

Be aware as you make your way–‘The Path to Granollers’ Ramon Marti i Alsina c1870 {{PD-Art}}

9 July even as relationships offer us a chance to fulfill ambitions they seem to get in our way, or demand something that takes us off our Path; our reactions to this will be more important than we think, likely laying the groundwork for real changes to both life direction and who and what surrounds us. Take care; a seed can be planted here that could have huge emotional consequences, and could cost us, Love or Money, down the road–but at the same time, we may see significant fulfillment of goals and ambitions, or decent payoffs from previous efforts–and there’s no way to tell which will be the result of our choices, right off the bat. (Venus square the Nodal axis and sextile Zeus, Sun conjunct Mercury in Inferior Conjunction)

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