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'Small Pear Tree in Blossom' Vincent Van Gogh 1888 {{PD-Art}}

‘Small Pear Tree in Blossom’ Vincent Van Gogh 1888 {{PD-Art}}

New Moon in Cancer 8 July 2013 at 12:14 AM PDT at 16 Cancer 17

The Cancer New Moon is conjunct Mercury, which is moving backward in preparation for Inferior Conjunction with the Sun on the 9th, is square to hZeus, trines the North Node, quincunxes Juno, and trines Chiron, which with Moon-Sun and NN outlines a Grand Water Trine that will very much influence the unseen, felt portions of our lives. The meeting of Sun and Moon each month pinpoints a time of germination, new beginnings and ‘fresh’ energy dedicated to the sign in which this occurs; with Cancer this suggests that beginnings arise out of how much we care, out of our desire to nurture, out of emotional plenty or ‘starvation’, out of a ‘new’ or ‘gut’ feeling, or out of intuitive knowledge, and with this latter we may or may not be conscious of what motivates us.

So, we are moved to foster something–but what? This time, we may be preoccupied (even obsessed) with some idea or thought that arose pre-Merc retro, and this seems to us to need nurture, as well as tweaking so that it delivers maximum empowerment and irons out any wrinkles related to our ambition and desire scenario–perfect for Merc retro, right?–and this all feels very important, as we are aware of how expressive this idea is of our desired life Path, and that fulfillment of this could (we believe) lead to significant healing of old wounds. How truly viable is the idea? we may ask–and the answer is, if it relates to subjects of the House where the New Moon falls, then it is not just viable, but has already germinated–and now we must give it proper conditions so that it can flourish.

Even if the idea doesn’t begin to grow (if we find, for instance, that our idea really isn’t ready, or upon reflection doesn’t carry the promise it once did), there will be something new that emerges from the House where the New Moon sits; it’s just that it won’t be that idea we’ve been kicking around and considering, but instead will be a new idea or opportunity–and with this, we must take care, allowing it to develop through the Merc retro, after which we should begin to assess and plan in earnest, with our ‘expected delivery date’ the point of Superior Conjunction, 24 August.

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