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'Heaven' (detail) from the work of Andrea Mantegna c1470 {{PD-Art}}

‘Heaven’ (detail) from the work of Andrea Mantegna c1470 {{PD-Art}}

This is, with some modifications and parts removed, from the current ECLIPSE, which features an analysis of the Full Moon Sabians, as well:

This Full Moon (22 July 2013 11:15 AM Pacific time at 00 Aquarius 05) will be important in several ways, the most significant of which is the way it pinpoints the time when we should move to actualize those dreams and goals we’ve been mulling over the length of the Grand Water Trine and Mercury cycle. The days just before the Full Moon will act as a window when we should definitively act to make those dreams real, with the FM showing either the initial material result, or closing out one stage and ushering in the next step–but in any case, showing us the extent and condition of our progress. We can act in a way that is both highly effective and sharply focused on our goal, but there are a couple of conditions that must be met: one is that our emotions must support what we’re choosing–and if you’ve experienced any kind of digestion, illness, or assimilation issues (and I would give these a broader definition, to include social situations, as well) during the retrograde then you are almost certainly giving yourself the message that there’s something in the plan that’s literally ‘indigestible’,  in other words, something you can’t (or shouldn’t, for your emotional health) live with.

Besides acknowledging any physical difficulties that may be giving us messages about our current situation, we must also do something to address the issue; this requires we do the symbolic thinking necessary, and then find ways to change circumstances so that they are acceptable. It’s very likely that the circumstances we are being ‘told’ (by our bodies) to change are things we are stubbornly insistent on keeping in our lives–I say this because otherwise the body wouldn’t have had to go so far to get our attention. Consider that what you say you want to do may not go forward unless you accept the need for change, and then make those changes. Here we must face our true intentions: if we do not modify situations as per the physical/ real world messages, we lose the chance at the dream, at least for now. How does that make you feel? Is it enough to move you forward, or are you in the process of abandoning that goal, consciously or not?

The Full Moon occurs at 00 Aquarius 05, putting us exceptionally early in the Aquarian experience; a FM at such a point suggests a kind of proto-knowledge, a liminal genius, of sorts, accompanies the experience. We are to look within for that spark of originality that encompasses the Aquarian higher mind without technically being aware of it! This may sound like quite a feat, but will actually occur naturally for each of us, likely in matters of the natal House with Aquarius perched on the cusp. This represents a kind of personal ouroboros, as we simultaneously conclude something Capricornian (so perhaps related to current Plutonian struggles, or to matters of the House with Cappy on the cusp), and embrace an inception so new it’s like a twinkle in the eye of the Universe. Due to surrounding influences, we can’t yet encode what’s happening in a thought, or put it into words; we are left with the option of going it alone, as a renegade, or gravitating to a like-vibration group, though no one there will be ready to put it into words, either.

The Full Moon is the apex of a sturdy Finger of God, with base of Venus-Pallas. All the energies in this configuration are at 00 degrees; this hints at (again) both the unconscious nature of the expression and the newness of the energies in these positions. We may find that smart occurrences surrounding Love or Money may be involved in the Full Moon realization, as may  practical skills applied to earning and/ or wisdom in or from relationships. That brilliant spark results from the Venus-Pallas co-operation–and we are successful, if we do not succumb to envy, jealousy, or an attitude that is not oriented toward ‘taking care of business’ (Pallas).

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A very good bit on narcissism here–and this sure is appropriate! Thanks to astrologer and astute DC observer Jude Cowell!