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'Demeter/ Ceres Mourning Persphone/ Proserpina' Evelyn de Morgan 1906 {{PD}}

‘Demeter/ Ceres Mourning Persephone/ Proserpina’ Evelyn de Morgan 1906 {{PD}}

17 August the Sun conjuncts Ceres. This is a spotlight trained on our relationship with nature, with our children or those we hold dominion over (as in the role of boss, for instance, or in more subtle ways, such as when we are a customer and a server is dependent on us for their tip, though just as easily we are dependent on the server), and gives us a clear sense not only of what power we naturally hold, but of the power we might hold in future, as well. This also puts issues of diet, particularly of those items that affect us badly, in focus–and if you happen to be in an agriculture, child-care, or nutrition-related business, this is the time to do a thorough inventory and re-assess needs and plans in light of the current situation. An enlightening day, in many ways–keep your eyes (and your senses!) open.