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'Reading' Joan Llimona 1891 {{PD-Art}}

‘Reading’ Joan Llimona 1891 {{PD-Art}}

7 AM PDT of the 16th the Sagittarius Moon forms the apex to a Finger of God with base of Mars-Sedna. This suggests that if our actions and choices are based on truly intimate knowledge and understanding of ourselves, emotional fulfillment will follow. Sounds simple enough. 9 AM PDT the Moon trines Sun-Ceres, offering us a direct line through either the emotions or the intuition to our most powerful personal identity stance–embrace it! Also a good point at which to judge the effects of diet on health. Void begins at 9:59 AM PDT; the Moon enters Capricorn at 8:26 PM Pacific time. Immediately the Moon squares Venus, fresh in Libra. The emotions are challenged in relationship or in dealing with something in life we treasure; try to determine the issue’s worth to you before making a move.

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