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Not the kind of spinning I'm talking about, but still, the details! Gerard ter Borch 1650s {{PD-Art}}

Not the kind of spinning I’m talking about, but still, the details! Gerard ter Borch 1650s {{PD-Art}}

A little something from ECLIPSE; get everything here–new issue just out!

23 August Judgment and correct action suffer today, mostly at the hands of over-active imaginations, fantasy perceptions, misinformation, and misperception, with choices made and Wills expressed too prone to act out of old hurt. Maybe the action is rooted in wounds but covered up with an illusion of current righteousness, or we try to do something creative and end up doing something not-so-smart. In any case communication suffers as some try to promote their own ambitions or wants while others are counting pennies and still others are ultra-critical, likely out of misguided beliefs. We can combat some of this by vowing to stick to the facts, to avoid pressure-filled situations, including competitive ones, that could make us spin off course, and by actively employing the creative urge in some form that challenges us in a forum we’re already familiar with or in a methodology already known–it’s in trying to strike out into new territories or new forms that can cause us to roll the dice, to our own detriment.

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