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Richard Bergh 1884 {{PD-Art}}

Richard Bergh 1884 {{PD-Art}}

2 AM PDT of the 25th the Aries Moon squares Mars and trines Ceres. A pinnacle for power that does not allow for easy or straightforward action. Use your power in an intangible way, through prayer, thought, good wishes, or in the setting of positive intentions. Void begins at 3:42 AM PDT; the Moon enters Taurus at 6:14 AM Pacific time. 10 AM PDT the Moon trines the Sun. Sets a harmonious, positive tone for the Moon’s passage through Taurus. Noon the Moon trines Mercury and sextiles Neptune. It’s easy to spin a tale, or should I say, take a creative tack when communicating. We should stick to what we’re sure of at this time, and we need to listen carefully to what we’re told–we might hear music, or deception, behind the words. Starting about 4 PM PDT we see a Mystic Rectangle made up of Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, and the Moon. This is brief but can lend a magical-feeling ‘lift’ to efforts we make at this time–some will succeed with surprising ease. 5 PM PDT the Moon creates a T-square with Saturn and Juno. This puts us in an emotional quandary, possibly caught in the struggle between Mom and Dad (think symbolically). It may seem to be a choice between empowerment and handing that power over to an authority figure–my advice is to go for your own empowerment, should you feel the urge. 11 PM PDT the Moon trines Pluto. We may want to bare our Soul to another–or could feel it’s the time to get something toxic off our chest. Weigh carefully the impact this may have on others, before going forward.

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