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'A Witches Sabbath' by Cornelis Saftleven c1650 {{PD}} Painted back when witches were depicted as bad, this illustrates the fear stirred in some by the powerful essence of Woman

‘A Witches Sabbath’ by Cornelis Saftleven c1650 {{PD}} Painted back when witches were depicted as aligned with evil, this kind of characterization illustrates the fear stirred in some by a Woman in touch with and in command of her powerful, natural essence

For the 20th:

Saturn sextile Pluto=we may have gotten used to this, but today could remind us just how much our reality picture has really changed recently, as this aspect perfects. This assists with transformations of the material environment and in dealing with authorities, though with the latter, be wary: they may sense the personal power within you, and react as if threatened, so keep a low profile

For the 21st:

Today’s image is a small toad, one of those Australian ones that excrete hallucinogens through their skin. We need to stay in control today in most areas, but in the purely private part of our world, it might be time to ‘lick the toad’, and take a brief but totally free mini-vacation of the mind.

For the 22nd:

Mercury semi-squares Vesta, bringing a kind of dignity to communications, and more trustworthiness than usual–but also a propensity to access ‘buzz words’ in hopes of persuading, and too much feeling that one’s words or reasoning are sacred and shouldn’t be questioned. Awareness of this tendency can help us navigate communications from those too eager or unconscious to realize how one-sided they’re being.

And the 23rd:

9 AM Pacific the Taurus Moon quincunxes Mercury. We may chafe at what’s communicated, or could be uncomfortable with what we must convey. Either way, thinking of the other person (Merc in Libra) would be a smart thing to do. 1 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Sedna. Considering what else has been going on, we may fear that stress has blanked out the emotions, that we just can’t feel any more–but the reality is we are meant to either let them go for a time, or delve deep in a meditative respite. Neither is a better response–both serve their purposes. Just don’t make emotional decisions at this time–we can make the mistake of believing that not feeling is a good spot to make dispassionate choices from, but we really need that emotional measure in order to make choices that will truly suit us. Delay decisions until we sense feeling and intuition flood back. Void begins 1:25 PM PDT; the Moon enters Gemini at 12:35 AMPDT of the 24th.

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